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Date Summit Description Submitted By
26th Mar W4C/CM-102 3/22/2019 Summit Access W4RRJ
26th Mar W4C/CM-102 3/22/2019 Activation photos & video W4RRJ
26th Mar GM/SI-161 TP1903 is not in AZ G4TJC
24th Mar HB/BE-169 Parkplatz HB9EIV
24th Mar HB/JU-008 Parkplatz HB9EIV
24th Mar HB/JU-001 Parkplatz HB9EIV
24th Mar HB/SO-001 Parkplatz HB9EIV
24th Mar HB/BE-174 Parkplatz HB9EIV
24th Mar HB/BE-112 Parkplatz HB9EIV
24th Mar G/NP-028 Easy summit, not ideal for VHF M0RSF
23rd Mar W6/CT-109 Jobs Peak Activation K6SUD
23rd Mar HB/GR-115 Winter activation of HB/GR-115, Piz Campasc (2599m) MM0YCJ
23rd Mar DL/BE-093 Activation 20/3/2019 by DD5LP/P. DD5LP
23rd Mar OE/OO-360 Habichtkogel OE5AKM
23rd Mar ZL3/CB-673 Mt Grey - walk up ZL3GA
21st Mar W1/GM-008 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W2/EH-001 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-015 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-057 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/US-026 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-059 GPS Tracks KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/CM-027 GPS Tracks KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/CM-027 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W4G/NG-009 Photos from Jacks Knob route KI4SVM
21st Mar W4G/NG-004 Photos from Duncan Ridge Trail route KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-059 Photos KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-059 Access and Trail Info via Diamond Valley Trail KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-059 Junaluska Trail Warning KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/WM-059 Access and Trail Info via Hickory Branch KI4SVM
21st Mar OE/OO-415 Wei├čes Kreuz OE5AKM
20th Mar W6/CT-086 Strawberry Peak, W6/CT-086, 3-16-19, My first activation K6SUD
20th Mar W6/SD-082 Super Bloom activation W6BJB
19th Mar W7O/CE-118 Pilot Butte, OR...not the one in Bend K7ATN
19th Mar W7M/FN-104 Route description with photos AE7AP
17th Mar EA6/MA-041 EA6/HB9RYV/p@SOTA@EA6/MA-041 HB9RYV
17th Mar DL/AM-060 Activation on 13/3/2019 by DD5LP and VK3BCM DD5LP
17th Mar DL/AM-001 Activation on Wednesday 13th March 2019 - DD5LP with VK3BCM. DD5LP
17th Mar DL/AM-180 Activation on 13th. March 2019 DD5LP + VK3BCM DD5LP
17th Mar W4G/NG-004 Access and Trail Info via Wolf Pen Gap KI4SVM
17th Mar G/NP-010 G/NP-010 Pen-y-ghent 2M FM M0RSF
17th Mar ZL1/MW-071 ZL2AJ Blog Entry ZL2AJ
17th Mar EA7/MA-098 A gem of a village and a very easy activation HB9DST
17th Mar W6/NC-209 Activation zone update - restoration area KD7WPJ
16th Mar W7M/FN-104 Mostly on-trail; 5.9 miles, +3,100 ft, -300 ft. AE7AP
16th Mar DL/AM-178 Activation 12th March 2019 by DD5LP/P DD5LP
16th Mar DL/AM-177 Activation March 12th 2019 by DD5LP/P DD5LP
16th Mar W7W/KG-135 There is no legal public access to Sugarloaf Mountain Forest. N0PBR
16th Mar W3/PT-006 !!!! Summit location is further North (~1mile) on SKYLINE DRIVE..see notes N2GBR
15th Mar OE/TI-682 OE/TI-682. Hinterer Daunkopf (3225m). Ski ascent March 2019 MM0YCJ
15th Mar W2/GA-393 Access W1DMH