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Date Summit Description Submitted By
21st Jan W7M/BE-183 Good Early Season Summit - 1.1 miles, +580 feet AE7AP
21st Jan W7M/BE-183 Access Instructions AE7AP
20th Jan DM/NS-117 Summit in the fog DL1CR
20th Jan W4K/EC-066 W4K/EC-066 (First Activation) N4DCW
19th Jan W6/NC-496 Bura Bura by bike N6IZ
18th Jan W5A/MA-002 Another approach AC1Z
17th Jan W1/NL-022 There's a different Pine Mountain! N1FJ
17th Jan DL/AM-176 Antenna testing activation on Wednesday 15th. Jan 2020 by DD5LP/P DD5LP
17th Jan DM/NS-008 60m fun Jan '20 DL1CR
17th Jan OE/OO-420 Schoibernberg OE5AKM
14th Jan W5T/CI-001 Some Additional Comments KG5AUU
14th Jan W4C/CM-128 Private property AE1JS
13th Jan W6/CV-017 16/9 Activation AA6XA
13th Jan W4C/WM-126 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
13th Jan W0M/SP-003 Located within Rocky Creek Conservation Area KD5ZZK
13th Jan GM/SS-065 G(M)4OBK Carinsmore of Fleet - January 2020 G4OBK
13th Jan GM/SS-201 G(M)4OBK Activation January 2020 G4OBK
13th Jan OE/OO-381 Wurberg OE5AKM
13th Jan W7W/KG-137 Proper (legal) access to North Grand Ridge WW7D
12th Jan W1/NL-022 January 12, 2020 -No Fire Tower AC1Z
12th Jan W6/NS-155 Sand Ridge - Two ways to get to the summit AI6XG AI6XG
12th Jan W6/SN-038 Castle Peak Activation AI6XG AI6XG
12th Jan HB/VD-010 HB/VD-010. Gummfluh. Altitude 2458metres. QTH Locator JN36ok. MM0YCJ
12th Jan 5B/CY-048 Near Limassol; approach from south. AI4SV
12th Jan JA6/FO-031 Tonouesan JA6/FO-031 JH0CJH
12th Jan JA6/FO-026 2020 Adachiyama JA6/FO-026 JH0CJH
12th Jan W7W/SN-169 Ebey Hill, WA | Nov 2018 (from WA7JNJ
11th Jan W6/NS-393 Signal Hill (7751) Activation AI6XG AI6XG
11th Jan W6/NS-149 Mt. Lincoln Activation AI6XG AI6XG
11th Jan W4C/WM-115 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
11th Jan W4V/FC-051 Access and Trail Info from Jennings Creek KI4SVM
10th Jan W6/CT-158 Activation January 3rd, 2020 AG6N
10th Jan W6/CT-098 Activation - January 9th, 2020 AG6N
10th Jan OE/OO-135 Kürnberg OE5AKM
9th Jan 5B/CY-029 5B/M0BLF/P activation - January 2020 M0BLF
9th Jan 5B/CY-031 5B/M0BLF/P activation - January 2020 M0BLF
9th Jan W6/NS-121 AI6XG Activation Report AI6XG
9th Jan W5T/DW-008 McDaniel Mountain Track on Google Map N5NA
9th Jan W5T/DW-005 Whitetail Mountain Track on Google Map N5NA
9th Jan W5T/DW-003 Pine Peak Track on Google Map N5NA
9th Jan DL/AM-001 Activation on 8th January 2020 by DD5LP. DD5LP
9th Jan W0M/SF-003 Alternative access route K9IR
8th Jan W0M/SF-004 Access notes K9IR
8th Jan OE/OO-444 Hochzöbel OE5AKM
8th Jan EA6/MA-014 Activation route Puig Caragoler des Guix. MM0YCJ
8th Jan W1/HA-196 29/12 Activation AA6XA
7th Jan W1/HA-118 29/12 Activation AA6XA
7th Jan EA7/MA-001 activation on 3.1.2020 OE5FSM
7th Jan ZL3/CB-519 Mt Isobel ZL3AB
7th Jan ZL3/CB-527 Dumblane Activation ZL3AB