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Date Summit Description Submitted By
12th Nov 5B/CY-028 Drive up to the Sinoas Fire Lookout AI4SV
12th Nov W7A/AW-060 Tower Road Open K7EDS
11th Nov W7I/SR-102 Posted W7IMC
11th Nov W7A/NM-030 Really beautiful hike if...? WB0USI
11th Nov W4G/HC-029 Vandalism, 2019 K4KPK
11th Nov W7I/CI-127 Posted W7IMC
11th Nov W6/CT-225 Activation - November 10th 2019 AG6N
11th Nov W6/CT-150 Activation - November 9th 2019 AG6N
11th Nov W6/CT-021 Activation - November 9th 2019 AG6N
10th Nov W7I/CI-122 The Knob W7IMC
10th Nov W7I/CI-117 Great Views W7IMC
9th Nov VK7/NC-013 Access and Track Notes - Kimberleys Lookout VK3ANL
8th Nov W6/CT-226 Activation - October 20th 2019 AG6N
8th Nov OE/OO-361 Buchberg OE5AKM
7th Nov W5N/SS-037 Route to S. Guadalupe K6TAA
6th Nov W4C/CM-136 Summit Access Information for W4C/CM-136 K2JB
6th Nov VK3/VC-039 Easy summit - plenty of space VK3ARR
5th Nov W5N/OT-022 Route to Cerro Montoso K6TAA
5th Nov W7I/CI-125 Big Views W7IMC
5th Nov VK1/AC-027 VK1AD blog - 2m and 23cm activation 13 October 2019 VK1AD
5th Nov VK1/AC-035 VK1AD blog - SHF 23 and 13cm 30 October 2019 VK1AD
4th Nov DL/MF-082 Activation for transatlantic S2S QSO party Nov. 2nd 2019 DD5LP
4th Nov ZL3/CB-521 First activation - 2 November 2019 (UTC) ZL3GA
3rd Nov G/LD-038 M1EYP / M0HGY activation M1EYP
3rd Nov G/LD-026 M1EYP / M3EYP activation M1EYP
3rd Nov W7W/WH-197 Lummi Peak, WA | November 2019 (from WA7JNJ
3rd Nov W7I/BL-137 Great Views W7IMC
2nd Nov GM/SS-114 Long hard slog for SS-106 and SS-114 M0JLA
2nd Nov GM/SS-106 Long hard slog for SS-106 and SS-114 M0JLA
2nd Nov GM/SS-199 New Route - Forest cut down M0JLA
2nd Nov W4C/CM-156 Summit access for W4C/CM-156, Scott Mountain N4LAG
1st Nov S7/SC-011 Attempt at first activation of S7/SC-011 W7GJ
31st Oct S7/SC-011 Attempt to activate S7/SC-011 Nid d’Aigle on La Digue Island W7GJ
30th Oct EI/IS-116 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct EI/IS-109 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct EI/IS-040 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct EI/IS-074 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct EI/IS-096 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct EI/IS-123 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct EI/IS-053 SOTA Tour EI 2019 PA9CW
30th Oct W7A/MS-001 NO ACCESS to this summit without a written permit. DD5LP
30th Oct W6/SC-271 Red Mountain is surrounded by Private Property K6RIN
29th Oct W0C/SP-095 Thirtyone Mile Mountain First Activation by KX0R KX0R
29th Oct EA1/LE-197 Activation on 23/9/2019 with Juan EA1AER VK1DA
29th Oct W5T/NT-033 Property is still for sale (210 acres) W5KV
29th Oct W4V/RA-016 First activation WF7I
28th Oct W6/NC-398 Ambiguous sign K6EL
28th Oct HB/VD-037 Aktivierung 27. Oktober 2019 HB9CRY
28th Oct ZS/WC-940 SOTA 27-10-19 with R.A.R.C. (ZS/WC-940) ZS1CDG
27th Oct ZL3/CB-568 Mt Alford ZL3GA