Chasing by Roy, G4SSH

SOTA chasing is one of the fastest growing specialist interests in amateur radio today.

Unlike the activators who climb mountains and make QSO's, the chaser doers not require any specialist equipment or fitness to get started and in most cases your existing equipment will allow you to start earning points. SOTA stations use a wide selection of operating bands and modes, including 2m FM, 2m SSB, HF SSB, HF CW and even 10 GHz.

Your home QTH will have an effect on your choice of bands and modes. If you live close to mountains then you can have considerable success with a 2m FM station and a simple antenna, working activators in your own country. However SOTA is international and you can contact activators throughout Europe and beyond if you have access to the HF bands.

The number of points gained for a contact depends on the height of the summit and each summit has a reference number. Activators issue alerts on SOTAwatch to let you know the times and frequency when a summit is due to be activated.

Certificates are awarded for 100 points and upwards. Good Luck and welcome to the fascinating world of SOTA chasing.

Roy, G4SSH in his shack.