Region: BL - Burgenland

Region Manager: , OE3VBU
The Region currently has 2 qualifying summits.

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Austria’s easternmost province shares a common border with Lower Austria and Styria. In accordance with the terms of the Treaty of St. Germain the Burgenland was formed in 1921 from German-speaking border areas of what had previously been Hungary. The Burgenland is a predominantly agricultural province, its main products being wheat, corn, vegetables, fruit and a large variety of renowned wines. The attractive (mainly flat or hilly) countryside ensures a steady flow of visitors. Especially Lake Neusiedl, Central Europe’s only steppe lake and Austria’s lowest point (115 m ASL), is a true tourist attraction. The provincial capital Eisenstadt (approx. 10,000 inhabitants) was for many years the home of the well-known composer Joseph Haydn.

Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations Last Activation Last Activator
OE/BL-012 Sonnenberg 484 1 29 7 Apr 2018 OE5EIN/P
OE/BL-020 Rosalienkapelle (Rosalia) 748 2 53 24 Mar 2018 OE1LZS/P