Association: G - England

Association Manager: Jimmy, M0HGY
The Association commenced on 2nd March 2002 and currently has 10 Regions (listed below) and 175 qualifying summits.

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Code Region Manager Summits
CE Central England Richard, G4ERP 5
DC Devon & Cornwall Peter, G3TJE 7
LD Lake District John, G3WGV 55
NP Northern Pennines John, G3WGV 29
SB Scottish Borders Jim, G0CQK 8
SC South Central Peter, G3TJE 12
SE Southern England David, G3RDQ 15
SP Southern Pennines Richard, G3CWI 16
TW Tees to the Wash Phil, G4OBK 5
WB Welsh Borders Richard, G4ERP 23