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The Region currently has 3 qualifying summits.

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Saarland is one of 16 German federal states located in the south-western part of Germany. It is bounded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to the north and east and by the countries of France to the south and southwest and Luxembourg to the northwest. <BR> With an area of 2.570km² and a population of 1.036.598 from 2007 it is the smallest of the German area states/ The heart of Saarland is an area of thickly forested hills that is crossed from southeast to northwest by the valley of the Saar River/ The state’s highest point is the Dollberg [695m, DM/SR-001] north of Nonnweiler, the second highest is the Schimmelkopf [695m, DM/SR-002] north of Weiskirchen/ Both summits did not comply with the valid P100 rule and were deleted by the end of 2008/ Saarland’s most important summit however, is certainly the Schaumberg [569m, DM/SR-012] with its observation tower and 70 cm repeater DB0LZ. <BR> With its 569m the summit is only the seventh highest peak of the state; however it stands alone in a rather flat environment and is one of 23 summits in the Saarland fulfilling the P100 criteria. Worth mentioning is also DM/SR-082, a pile built of accumulated tailings, as by-product of mining [slag heap]/ The responsible coal mine [Bergwerk Saar] was closed in June 2005. <BR> Due to a historical particularity Saarland was its own DXCC entity [Saar] from 1950 till March 1957 with the prefix 9S4/ After a referendum in 1955, Saarland is joining the Federal Republic of Germany since 1957 and the prefix DL8 was allocated to the new state.

Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations Last Activation Last Activator
DM/SR-006 Trautzberg 604 6 39 12 May 2018 DL/ON6ZQ/P
DM/SR-012 Schaumberg 569 4 21 12 May 2018 DL/ON6ZQ/P
DM/SR-075 Langensteinchen 451 4 16 11 May 2018 DL/ON6ZQ/P