Region: SA - Saxonia-Anhalt

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The Region currently has 3 qualifying summits.

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The Mountain region northernmost in Germany is the 'Harz'. The region is about 90km long and 30km broad with mountains arranged as one long pulled ellipse from the North German lowlands at the states Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony. <BR> With heights over 1.000m the Harz surmounts the lowlands around up to 800m. It is a massif rising from the lowlands from slate, porphyry and granite. Its main peak, the 'Hochharz' rises in the northwest and a plateau continues southeast. The Harz juts out as a bulwark from the lowland and carries with it a special meteorological situation that in part amounts to the alps at 2.000m height. <BR> The highest summit of Harz is the Brocken at 1.142m. The snow remains on the Brocken for 6 months of the year. The national park 'Hochharz' surrounds the Brocken with a size of 6.000 ha in Saxony Anhalt and 25.800 ha in Lower Saxony. On the Brocken, the first TV tower in Germany was put into operation in 1938. During good weather on the summit, viewpoint reaches up to Saxony, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Hessian far/ During the time of divided Germany, the boundary ran at the Brocken and in such a way, divided the Harz. <BR> The part of Harz in Lower Saxony has a separate summit list. On 2m and 70cm, QSOs with Brandenburg, with Saxony, with Hessian, with Thuringia and Lower Saxony is possible. In the part of Saxony-Anhalt [North/East], which is more flat, with few summits over 150m. The mountain list for this region is not completed yet.

Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations Last Activation Last Activator
DM/SA-001 Brocken 1142 10 162 20 May 2018 DP9X
DM/SA-033 Petersberg 250 1 29 13 Oct 2017 DL2HWI/P
DM/SA-053 Gro├čer Fallstein 288 1 16 29 Dec 2017 DL1CR/P