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The Region of Northern Germany contains the states Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg. With the capital Berlin and the ports Hamburg and Bremen jointly, this contains an expanse from about 11.000km². <BR> The North German lowland plain is more characterized through the coast from Northern and Baltic Sea and extensive forest areas, as through mountains/ There are yet some summits which correspond to the conditions of SOTA. <BR> Most of these elevations are itself in national parks as the 'Pieckberg' in the national park 'Jasmund', on the largest island of Germany 'Rügen', or the 'Bungsberg' in the national park 'Holsteinische Schweiz'. <BR> In addition, there are also mountains with history, as the 'Hagelberg' in the nature park 'Hoher Fläming'/ In August 1813, the battle happened between Prussian and Russian troops against the army of Napoleon/ In addition to the SOTA activities, you can have a lot of nature and history in the area.

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DM/ND-003 Piekberg 161 1 15 23 Jan 2018 DL6AP/P