Association: CT - Portugal

Association Manager: Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF
The Association commenced on 1st April 2011 and currently has 11 Regions (listed below) and 236 qualifying summits.

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Code Region Manager Summits
TM TrĂ¡s-os-Montes e Alto Douro Paulo, CT2IWW 47
RB Ribatejo David, CT1DRB 4
MN Minho Carlos, CT1HIX 50
ES Estremadura Joao, CT7ABE 10
DL Douro Litoral Nuno, CT2IUV 16
BT Baixo Alentejo David, CT1DRB 8
BL Beira Litoral Nuno, CT2IUV 27
BB Beira Baixa Nuno, CT2IUV 31
BA Beira Alta Paulo, CT2IWW 26
AL Algarve David, CT1DRB 8
AA Alto Alentejo Joao, CT7ABE 9