Article by K6TW on May 14 2012 at 20:05

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After Action Report

Did this as the 6 mile, 1,200\' elevation gain option with Stu, KI6J, and Chris, K6CMG. This is a great hike because it is one of the rare SoCal hikes where there is a lot of shade due to the abundance of trees along the whole trail. In fact, this is now one of my favorite hikes. The top of the peak has excellent options for antennas as there are many large rock piles to mount a jackite pole into. Also, there are many trees available for antenna hanging. I strung a 15m dipole between a jackite and a tree and it worked well with many QSOs into New England and VE1/VE2 at 5watts. The peak also has a nice view of Twin Peaks to the south.