Article by K6TW on May 08 2012 at 23:05

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2012-04-29 Mt. Islip Hike- details, info, and pics

Did the hardest of the three hikes outlined on the Sierra Club link- 6 miles and 2,400 foot elevation gain. Drove up CA-39 to Crystal Lake Campground. From the campground hiked up. Please see scans of the maps I used in the photo link. Once at the summit, there was plenty of trees/shrubs to lash my jackite pole/vertical antenna to, but none quite high enough to make an effective horizontal dipole work well. Did manage to make a QSO with a mobile station on Palomar Mountain (90 miles away)in San Diego area using 5 watts and a rubber duck on my HT. Also, saw a coyote on the trail and a deer in the campground area at dusk. When you\'re finished hiking, be sure to stop in at the Crystal Lake Cafe at the entrance to the campground to get some food from the very friendly Cypriot guy who owns the place. I enjoyed my eggs and potato burrito. This hike is partially shaded, partially exposed (probably 50/50). Pics are at: