Article by K6ILM on Sep 04 2012 at 16:09

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Not really North

This summit is actually Northeast of Mt. Diablo. You want to be driving uphill on Summit Road toward Diablo. About 3/4 mile from the top, there is a 180 degree left hairpin turn. In the middle of the turn, park in one of the spaces on the right side of the road at the Devils Elbow Trailhead. Take the North Peak trail and ignore the Summit trail. After a mile or so (500 feet downhill), there is an offset and other trails come in. Hike NNE (magnetic North) on the paved North Peak Road for another 3/4 mile to the top, where there are structures and a small tower. The elevation is the same as where you parked your car. Oh, well ....... Elliott, K6EL