Article by KD5ZZK on Feb 22 2013 at 14:02

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Southern approach, take Pilot Rock Rd north from Hwy 164. This gravel road can be managed in a standard 2WD truck or SUV. Northern approach, take Pilot Rock Rd south from Hwy 123. The gravel road will pass along the southern slope of Hess Knob W5A/OZ-009. The final 0.25 mile access road is very rough high-clearance vehicle only. Out of all the Arkansas SOTA summits I\'ve Activated, this one is my favorite. The view is 360\' in all directions. You can see almost a dozen SOTA summits including the State Highpoint, Mount Magazine W5A/MA-001. This a very electrically quiet area. AT&T 3G service is good and APRS coverage is saturated. The summit is ringed by 60-80ft sheer bluffs with access only by the narrow rocky road. We camped overnight here. Did I mention it\'s my favorite Arkansas SOTA summit? Be warned that Blackpowder/Muzzleloader season starts on or near Oct 20-21. Do not go into the woods without wearing hunter orange during deer season.