Article by KD5ZZK on Sep 23 2013 at 08:09

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Access and Summit info

This summit is on land that was once part of the US Army Fort McClellan. The Army Post was shut down in 1999. In 2003, the area was transferred to the US Fish & Wildlife Agency and renamed Mountain Longleaf NWR. A motorized access gate opens at 4am and closes at 10pm. Public access is allowed during these times. Drive up the paved Bains Gap Road. The road running north-south along the ridge from Bains Gap Rd is rocky, but easy enough for a standard automobile. The ridge road is gated about 3/4 mile from the summit. Only hiking and mountain biking is allowed past the gate. There is also an information kiosk. Along the west side of the road, there are signs warning of \'Impact Area\'. This due to the possibility of unexploded ordinance when the area was used by the Army. I didn\'t see anything dangerous, but use your own judgement. Garmin 24k Topo maps has a road that slightly forks left and paralels the main ridge road. It passes over the summit. This is a very overgrown road that is more of a bushwack. I followed this old roadbed to the top. At the top there is a old wooden telephone pole with nothing else. The summit is very overgrown except for the old roadbed. Electrically quiet area. APRS and AT&T 3G coverage was good.