Article by KT5X on Jul 23 2011 at 22:07

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Mt Yale is a mere 14,129 ft. Do NOT ask me how they get the last digit, elevation to the foot. In fact, I don\'t believe they can ;-) None the less, Mt Yale TH is relatively low, it is a considerable climb, and the last bit of bouldering is time consuming... The trail above treeline has recently (2011) been rebuilt, so the trail is now longer, though average steepness is less. There are now many switchbacks with rock steps, rather than straight up the very steep mountainside strewn with gravel that marbles beneath your feet. The last part of Mt Yale is bouldering with several thousand feet of exposure. if you go the \"right\" way, it isn\'t difficult, but most lose the way and find themselves, well, out on a limb. I encountered several white knuckled would-be hikers to whom i said, \"get back down here\" ;-) then, \"OK, now follow me, and be confident.\" Keep in mind, with 40% less oxygen up here, anyone from sealevel is functioning with a fuzzy brain. I didn\'t like the trailhead parking lot for camping, but found a good spot along the river about a mile down stream to camp. I also took a very cold river bath there. Sleeping was peaceful with the whitewater river rumbling in my ears. I got up about 5:30 to eat breakfast, and was able to begin hiking by 6:30 AM. it was low forties, but I hike in running shorts and tech\' shirt, knowing i will produce a lot of heat. If it gets stormy up high, I am going to beat a hasty retreat. My pack is two quarts of water, a two ounce wind shell, and two pounds of radio gear. I jogged the less steep places through the forest, and speed-walked the steeper pitches. I overhauled my first catch of the day after about thirty minutes. these hikers said they had been going for an hour. It took me about three hours to the peak, but most others reported six. it is very, very steep to the ridge line which is about 13,800 ft. there I found a white Mountain Goat, grazing. I keep a tuft of mountain goat fur in my pack for luck. Enjoy this beautiful peak! 73 Fred - KT5X op of WS0TA