Article by W0CP on Aug 21 2016 at 21:08

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First Activation of Spinney Mountain

Dave, NN5K, and I activated Spinney in 2014 and I have returned each year since. Spinney Mountain may be private property. It is surrounded by public land, however, and it is not posted and I have never encountered another vehicle or person during an activation. There are no homes or other structures in this area. While there may be a sensitivity to hunting in this area, hiking is apparently not a problem. Vehicle access is on public land. Take CoRd 59 to here39.003347, -105.602321and turn south on the access road toward Spinney. This access road borders State of Colorado land. Proceed about one mile and pull off, parking to the east (public) side of the road, and proceed more or less directly to the summit. This is a relatively short hike with rewarding views of mountain ranges and the reservoir from the summit. It is feasible to combine this with an activation of Sulphur, which is very close, or other summits in the area. There is a marker at the summit. Flies can be a problem at the summit in the summer, so wear long clothes.