Article by KE0JWQ on Jan 15 2018 at 19:01

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A few more tips.

KX0R's article is spot on, was able to easily find the summit. It was a huge help!... I'll throw in a few tips too.

Google maps has the Moonridge community if you aren't familiar with the area; so just type it in and go. Once you get there, follow the signs for the Columbine Family Archery Range, as KXOR indicated. The lat/long for the forest service gate and archery range parking area is 39.367974,-105.122850. My car was fine parked there and it seemed to be Natl Forest parking rather than archery range parking. Park there and go! 

Because of the gate, it's about a mile hike, past the gate and up the road. Its a pretty hike tho. Turn off of the road, towards the summit, where the road curves closest to Bennett Mountain, if you're looking at a map. I hope that makes sense. There's an unmarked, but clear trail towards the top. There is a forest service marker indicating no motor vehicles. Follow the trail to the top. 

My phone showed 4 bars of coverage but no data service. I tried to send a text but it didnt work. So basically, there's no cell service. You are easily in range of the Colorado Connection Repeaters (145.310 mhz 88.5 tone) if you need help. Also, there is APRS coverage with a digipeater at Devils Head to the south. 

The view is awesome with the mountains to the west and city lights to the northeast. It's really a cool spot! I had fun! It took about 2 hours total to drive from my home, hike and set up. I left at 12 and was on the air by 2. It's an overall easy to moderate hike, but it's still a challenging one so take the essentials. Leave no trace!