Article by G1ZJQ on Jul 10 2013 at 15:07

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G1ZJQ/P activation 4th July 2013 - nicer but still no hill

The chert was hard indeed and the rig broke down so we were sent home. I gave my colleague a lift to Humberside Airport and…took the opportunity to visit Normanby Top. As with TW-004, normally I would have no reason to come down here but here I was with a good excuse, second day in a row! From the airport, turn right then right again after a very short drive along the A18 to the Caistor minor road. Join the A1173 Rilby Road. Turn left on the A46 then, shortly, right on to the B1225 High Street (road). I made the mistake of turning right on to the A46 and had to detour via Whitegate Hill to get back to High Street but the golf ball radome was in view to guide me in. Can you tell I do not use GPS? Driving past the radar station, looking for better access to venture into the fields was no use. Turning around, the car ended up on the wide grass verge, west from the radar station and farm machinery compound. There was a convenient metal gate and an even more convenient slot in the top of it, which took the roach pole very well. Again, a FT60 h/h and the RG58 plantpot dipole were used. The gate also allowed the mini logbook to rest at a good writing height instead of being juggled. Starting just after 1600GMT/UTC (tea-time), it took a while to get the first contact but, by 1810GMT (Emmerdale time), there were 13 contacts in the log, from 12 different stations and none familiar from yesterday on TW-004. Any cloud cover at the start had quickly burned off to allow a comfortable, teeshirt activation. In front of me was a small meadow of clover and other wildflowers, buzzing with insects; birds flitted about and the whole time there was an accompaniment of skylark song. The only disruptive note was from the RAF boys again, however, the road noise was much more genteel compared with yesterday. There was no hill with a view but one contact (M0ROD) suggested I try further west, to join the Nettleton road along the ridge. He was quite right, the view was expansive on the way back off the wold and the scenery on the way down was on its best display, summer evening light warmed the greens of the slopes and the tops of the wheat fields took on a satin sheen when looking into the sun. Many thanks to: 2E0BWQ, 2E0TKF, G1HZR, G0HDV, M6JMR, G0BUB/M, G0EOC, G0JEI, M0ROD, M6NPK, M3OZQ and G7HZZ/P (2m FM); M3OZQ, worked firstly on 70cm FM. Am I likely to return? It stands a much better chance than TW-004 but I shall be in no hurry to complete the G/TW table again! 73, Derek G1ZJQ/P