Article by M6ZRT on Oct 06 2012 at 17:10

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First SOTA Activation - Normanby Top

A pleasant Saturday in October working 2m FM, with a blue sky and a slight breeze, putting a little chill in the air to keep you on your toes. Lots of openings, with WAB and other competitions going on all over the bands. This was my first ever try at SOTA and one I was looking forward to achieving, having spent time chatting with Mickey 2EOYYY one evening at the National Ham Fest 2012 on the whole aspect of SOTA activations. Mickey was my first intro to SOTA at the beginning of 2012, having contacted him on 2m FM with a 5w handheld, whilst walking the dogs around Lincoln Castle area; he was working Shining Tor (G/SP-004) 70 miles away to the west at the time. What has made today even more spectacular for me was that my first call out was to Mickey who was again on G/SP-004; however, this time he was in the process of working his 50th activation there (congratulations) A good start to SOTA with a \"Summit to Summit\" thrown in for good measure. Thanks must also go out to the following for helping me achieve my first activation: 2E0YYY Shining Tor Mickey 2m FM G0RQQ Lincoln Keith 2m FM G0HDS Immingham Ray 2m FM M0TEF/M Mansfield Al 2m FM M3XIE Staffs David 2m FM Thanks for the Spot Tim M6ZRT