Article by M3ZCB on May 01 2012 at 21:05

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Activating Normanby Top as part of a walk

Although this one can be activated from the roadside, we prefer at least a bit of a walk, so did this as part of a 5mile walk. We parked on the \"Ramblers\" car park at TF110991, headed down the road to pick up the \"Viking Way\" at the S end of Nettleton, which took us through a pleasant valley, including passing the overgrown remains of Ironstone mines in a little wood. At the top of the valley we turned E and found a good spot to set up by the side of the bridleway at TF127970. The HF dipole went up in the corner of the field, and there were fenceposts to support the VHF antenna. Good views of the \"golfball\". We returned W along the bridleway to the road and then back down the road. Pleasant walk. Later in the season, the activation spot might be suffering from the plants after which the local village is named. In April we got a few stings from young stinging nettles!