Article by 2E0YYY on Aug 03 2011 at 14:08

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VHF from G/TW-005 Normanby Top

Well, for those among you who are VHF junkies, this is most certainly not the summit for you. Working VHF vertical from here, requires a LOT of patience as the take-off is pretty dire in most directions. Nevertheless, If you persevere, you`ll find contacts and the occasional DX surprise. This summit must be the easiest in the whole of `G` to activate, as the AZ is massive. If you pull up at the golf ball radar station (parking for a couple of cars) and step out of the car, you`re already in the AZ. The trig point is in one of the fields at the back of the radar station and is marked with a green arrow on the Google Map link. However, a word of warning, there is no PROW or CROW and the day I activated it (end of July), there was a lot shooting coming from the fields at the back of the radar station, from what appeared to be an organised shoot. The views are pretty much non-existent so dont bother with your camera. However, if you collect uniques, you will probably wish to activate it. Quite frankly, it`s most certainly not on my `do again` list. 73 Mike 2E0YYY