Article by G0EWN on Oct 22 2012 at 09:10

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Not as bad as made out to be.

Before visiting this hill other operators had said it was quite dire. This is not quite the case. Billinge is an excellent view point and an easy summit. We (accidentally) parked and approached via Beacon lane, near the Church/ traffic lights. A good, if not the best approach. Plenty of parking towards the end of the lane. Walk up the path to a landfill/ gas extraction unit--a short distance past this take a footpath to the right (footpath direction sign) and follow easy path through trees, then open ground to arrive at a short steeper section that arrives right at trig point. The area was quite busy with strollers/ dog walkers but there is plenty of space. We used 2m FM for activation, using an FT817 and H/Brew 4 element yagi---no problem with interference from nearby towers but rigs with poor front end filtering obviously will suffer. The outlook from the hill is very good from east round through south and to the west--great views of Winter Hill and out over Manchester/ Liverpool areas. As it says at the top---not as bad as it is made out to be---give it a try.