Article by GW8OGI on Nov 06 2010 at 21:11

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Pager interference

One of the masts on this hill is a paging transmitter and in my case made 2m FM operation almost impossible due to receiver overloading. I was using a handheld with a half-wave whip on. Pointing the whip at the mast (the sharpest null) enabled me to make a couple of contacts. Luckily I qualified on 70cms, 23cms and 4m, all of which seemed unaffected. On a brighter note, in spite of it\'s only being 179m high, the views from this hill are astounding, as the surrounding land is flat for miles. I met some friendly locals and they kindly pointed out the cathedrals in Liverpool, the Hilton in Manchester and I recognised the Welsh Hills of course. They said that when it\'s very clear it\'s possible to see Blackpool Tower.