Article by G3CWI on Jan 31 2006 at 08:01

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Billinge Hill is an easy summit, close to the M6 motorway (J26). I tend to park at SD522018 which is the access area to a radio tower close to the road. It is possible to park one car here without obstructing access to the radio-site. Probably not a good place for a late night activation though judging by the amazing number of used condoms on the ground there. There are other places that one can park along the road. Follow the footpath sign along the service road towards the other masts (past Beacon Farm). At the end of the road, cross the stile by the gate and walk alongside the radio compound (fence on your left). At the end of the compound, turn left and walk along the field margin and thus up to the summit (square stone building/water tank?). There is plenty of room for HF operators and I tend to sit on the steps around the building - comfy and out of the wind. Although not a very pleasant summit it is surprisingly popular and thus care should be taken not to string aerials across paths (good practice anyway). VHF operators may struggle with blocking problems - the trig point, which is on the other side of the building from the masts, is aledged to be the best spot (least blocking). A beam is advisable to allow some further attenuation of the interference.