Article by CT1DRB on May 27 2012 at 17:05

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Second SOTA activity of CT/ES-003.

SOTA activity in Portugal started with activation of CT/ES-003, made by me, at 24 April 2011. At that time I did not announced it properly and most of known SOTA hams had no luck to add summit to their logs. Since that time I had intention to activate it again just to give new summit to everybody and let my conscious problem away. Last week I received a new Lithium-ion battery and intended to test it during a SOTA activity. So, with these 2 purposes in mind I performed the second SOTA activity at CT/ES-003 Serra da ArrĂ¡bida 27th May 2012 morning. I left home around 09.00 (UTC time), after my breakfast, and reached summit around 09.50, I had plenty of time to install antenna, however I had visit of Murphy and my fishing pole split right down the middle, it was my fault (next time I invite another ham). I solved problem attaching antenna to mark of summit, so far so good. Then I had another problem: 9v battery from my APRS set up went off, no way to announce my activity, Murphy attached again. Anyway I started my activity pretty close to 10.30 on 20m. But no luck, contest day and no free band on 20m, around 14.060, to call for SOTA. I went to 30m, around 10.118, but freq was busy, so I moved to 10.1185 and called. From 10.30 until 11.57 I called without success, mostly on 30m and few times on 20m. Weather became a bit ugly, but fortunately without rain. My first qso with G3RDQ on 30m around 11.57. Then I moved to 20m and called around 14.061 and then I had luck, qso with OE7PHI around 12.30. At 12.38 qso with G4SSH Roy and more 13 more qsos and ended activity with OZ4RT around 13.00. I took about 1 hour to reach car and arrived home around 15.00, 16.00 local time. I was a bit tired and hungry but happy as happens every time after a SOTA activity. Next SOTA activity I need a new fishing pole, a new battery for APRS and a company. Best 73 and good SOTA activities. CT1DRB David Quental