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Date Summit Description Submitted By
24th Nov W7O/NC-012 Thanksgiving on Gobblers Knob K7EEX
24th Nov W6/NC-197 11/23 Thanksgiving Activation KB1KXL
23rd Nov W6/NC-212 11/22 Activation. KB1KXL
23rd Nov W6/NC-384 11/22 Activation KB1KXL
23rd Nov W5T/SB-003 A nice, easy hike, but for the Scorpions. N9XG
23rd Nov W6/SS-407 W6/SS-407 NA6MG
22nd Nov W6/CC-022 Easy summit with good views, but watch out for dirt bike guy KE6MT
22nd Nov W6/CC-021 Easy drive-up summit (with off-road capable vehicle) KE6MT
22nd Nov FK/SP-072 Nice hike HB9DQM
22nd Nov W6/SC-047 Hard to get there. Worth it? KE6MT
21st Nov GW/SW-007 M1CJE - Fan Gyhirych & Fan Nedd M1CJE
21st Nov GW/SW-006 M1CJE - Fan Gyhirych & Fan Nedd M1CJE
21st Nov FK/SP-111 4x4 drive-up near Prony HB9DQM
20th Nov W6/NC-477 11/19 Activation KB1KXL
20th Nov W6/CC-021 11/18 Activation KB1KXL
20th Nov W6/CC-022 11/18 Activation, including crazy motorcycle guy. KB1KXL
20th Nov W6/SC-047 11/18 Activation. Extremely difficult bushwhack. KB1KXL
20th Nov W6/SC-149 11/17 Activation, with close-up California condors. KB1KXL
20th Nov W6/SC-153 11/17 Activation KB1KXL
20th Nov DL/AL-167 Activation 18th. November 2017 for the S2S EU-NA event. DD5LP
19th Nov DL/AL-167 Don't try to work 40m from this summit - QRM. DD5LP
19th Nov DM/RP-494 DK9JC/P - 21.10.2017 DK9JC
19th Nov DM/RP-494 Car Park DK9JC
19th Nov W6/CT-275 Trail Report Video - Private Property? KG6HQD
18th Nov W7A/NM-045 Thick trees AC0PR
18th Nov W4K/EC-014 Video of Pine Mountain activation by AI4BJ and W4ALF AI4BJ
18th Nov VK3/VE-036 VK3IL blog post VK3IL
18th Nov VK3/VE-033 VK3IL blog post VK3IL
18th Nov VK3/VE-011 VK3IL blog entry VK3IL
18th Nov W4G/HC-020 Summit guide WG4I
18th Nov W4G/HC-020 Photos WG4I
17th Nov W6/NC-432 Chabot 2 Benchmark - Where do you set up if you do not have a key to the gate? AA0BV
17th Nov DM/BM-135 Activation in the mist on Wednesday 15th. November 2017 DD5LP
17th Nov FK/NP-152 Quick activation near Poum HB9DQM
17th Nov W7Y/SW-161 Chalk and suds W6PNG
16th Nov W1/HA-002 Mt. Lafayette, NH 11/15/2017 AC1Z
16th Nov ZL3/CB-568 ZL2AJ Blog Entry ZL2AJ
15th Nov W6/NC-353 Mount Burdell AA0BV
14th Nov W6/SD-468 Lower Lytle Creek Ridge NA6MG
14th Nov W6/NC-353 My first CW activation! Beautiful spot. KE6MT
14th Nov W4C/wm-018 NOTICE!!! This is not Ogle Ridge, it is Wine Spring Bald KI4SVM
14th Nov W4C/CM-021 NOTICE!!! This is not Green Knob, it is Pilot Mtn KI4SVM
14th Nov W4C/CM-020 NOTICE!!! This is not Bluff Mtn, it is Green Knob KI4SVM
14th Nov W4C/EM-013 NOTICE!!! This is not Pilot Mtn, it is Bluff Mtn KI4SVM
14th Nov W4C/CM-015 NOTICE!!! This is not Wine Spring Bald, it is Ogle Ridge KI4SVM
14th Nov W4C/WM-011 NOTICE!!! This is not Snake Mtn, it is Huckleberry Knob KI4SVM
14th Nov W4C/EM-004 NOTICE!!! This is not Huckleberry Knob, it is Snake Mtn KI4SVM
14th Nov VK2/HU-074 VK2NU 14/Nov/2017 VK2NU
14th Nov W7Y/TT-076 Possibly the Most Remote Summit in the Lower 48 AE7AP
14th Nov W7Y/EW-006 FT8-ing my way through Wyoming W6PNG