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Date Summit Description Submitted By
19th Jan W7I/CI-049 Trip Report -- yes it is (the only?) paved road to a 6 pointer in Idaho K7ZO
19th Jan DM/RP-412 real name "Asberg" DO1DJJ
19th Jan W7I/BL-001 Hyndman Peak, ID | Sep 2011 by KF7DDT from pnwsota K7ATN
19th Jan W7I/CU-001 Borah Peak, ID | August 2013 by KF7NOZ from pnwsota K7ATN
18th Jan W0C/FR-098 Cook Mountain Summitpost Article KX0R
18th Jan W0C/FR-013 Mount Audubon SOTA by KX0R KX0R
18th Jan W0C/PR-006 Lulu Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
18th Jan W0C/PR-061 Iron Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
18th Jan W7A/CN-044 Far out there but worth it AC0PR
17th Jan W7W/WE-006 Winter Activation of Mt. Spokane 1/15/2017 WX7EMT
17th Jan W7W/WE-012 Winter Activation of Quartz Mtn 1/14/2017 WX7EMT
17th Jan 9A/DH-034 S57MS activation 30.04.2016 S57MS
17th Jan W0C/FR-071 Long Scraggy Peak SOTA by KX0R KX0R
16th Jan W0C/FR-169 Middle Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
16th Jan W1/HA-224 Access W1DMH
16th Jan W3/SV-008 K3JZD Activation Notes K3JZD
16th Jan W3/SV-022 First Winter activation.... ACCESS N2GBR
16th Jan W3/SV-056 Access. W1DMH
15th Jan W0C/SP-066 Thirtynine Mile Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
15th Jan W0C/FR-089 Cheesman Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
14th Jan W0C/FR-099 Livermore Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
13th Jan W0C/FR-098 Cook Mountain SOTA by KX0R KX0R
13th Jan GW/NW-014 From Rhyd Ddu via Moel Lefn and Moel yr Ogof G4TJC
13th Jan GW/NW-019 Route from Rhyd Ddu G4TJC
13th Jan GW/NW-020 Nantlle Ridge G4TJC
13th Jan ZL3/CB-657 Blog post for Emily Hill activation ZL3CC
13th Jan W0C/SP-102 Observatory Rock SOTA by KX0R KX0R
13th Jan VK2/ST-015 VK1AD blog entry - 6m 50 MHz VK2 to ZL1 2340 km QRP 5 watts - 12 Jan 17 VK1AD
13th Jan W0C/SP-113 Eagle Rock SOTA by KX0R KX0R
13th Jan VE6/HC-034 All season access and gps track VE6IXD
12th Jan W7U/GR-044 5580 Activation by KX0R, Dec. 3, 2015 KX0R
12th Jan W3/SV-008 Access N2GBR
12th Jan W3/PO-023 ACCESS N2GBR
11th Jan DM/BW-093 DK9JC/P activation - 29.12.2016 DK9JC
10th Jan W5A/BR-006 Atempted access April 2016 N0EVH
9th Jan W0C/FR-034 Images from top of Mt Rosa JAN 9, 2017 N1OIE
9th Jan EI/IS-052 Access improvement. EI3KA
9th Jan VK2/ST-010 Firetrail access. Sugerloaf Trail VK2HRX
8th Jan G/SP-002 The walk back after my 1st Activation 2E0KUK
8th Jan OE/OO-028 2017-01-07: Stubwieswipfel - 1786m OE5PGM
8th Jan ZL3/CB-241 Blog post for Castle Hill Peak activation ZL3CC
8th Jan VK3/VC-005 Summit mentioned in blog - January 2017 VK3ZPF
8th Jan VK3/VC-003 Summit mentioned in blog entry - 20 November 2016 VK3ZPF
7th Jan W3/WE-007 W3/WE-007 - easy-access activation AA3II
7th Jan DM/BW-531 DK9JC/P Activation 29.12.2016 DK9JC
6th Jan DM/BW-009 DK9JC/P Activation 29.12.2016 DK9JC
6th Jan VK1/AC-043 VK1AD blog entry - 1 watt QRP - 1 Jan 17 VK1AD
6th Jan ZL3/OT-360 Above Danseys Pass : ZL3/OT-360 ZL3CC
5th Jan DM/BW-001 DK9JC/P activation 28.12.2016 DK9JC
5th Jan W7A/PE-052 Wasson Peak SOTA Activation, Short and Sweet KR7RK