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Date Summit Description Submitted By
18th Oct W7I/CI-126 10/16 Activation KB1KXL
18th Oct VK2/MN-168 VK2/MN-168 VK2NU
18th Oct VK2/MN-169 VK2/MN-169 VK2NU
17th Oct W6/NC-298 2nd CA SOTA Summit for me on a business trip VE3IPS
17th Oct OE/OO-189 GPS-Track OE5REO
17th Oct W6/CC-072 First CA SOTA Summit for me VE3IPS
17th Oct EA4/MD-019 Summit and Trig Point activation EA4MY
17th Oct W0D/BB-068 KT0A Access Description KT0A
17th Oct W0D/BB-068 KT0A Photos KT0A
17th Oct W4V/SH-026 Half marked, half unmaintained trail to the summit N3II
17th Oct W4V/SH-017 Start at Elkwater Gap Parking area N3II
16th Oct OE/OO-038 Aktivierung 2017-10-14 OE5PGM
16th Oct W5N/PW-015 latest gpx track added for trail re-routing NM5S
15th Oct W4C/WM-011 Shortest Route Closed WC9G
15th Oct W4C/WM-007 Tough trek to summit K2JB
15th Oct OE/OO-359 GPS-Track OE5REO
15th Oct W6/SD-166 Bartlett Mtn HP NA6MG
14th Oct W7I/CI-097 10/14 Activation KB1KXL
14th Oct W0C/PR-082 Activation Report K0NR
14th Oct EA2/NV-015 Mt. Beriain NV-015 from Unanua EA2BD
13th Oct W4V/WV-005 Access Questionable WC9G
13th Oct W4V/WV-037 Access Problem WC9G
13th Oct W7W/CW-017 Road Washout WA7FPV
13th Oct W0C/PR-128 KD0YOB notes on 2017 activation of W0C/PR-128 KD0YOB
13th Oct W7I/CI-109 10/12 Activation KB1KXL
12th Oct W7I/CI-131 10/12 Activation KB1KXL
12th Oct W7U/SL-005 Logbook confirmations for 11Oct17 activation by KE4TH KE4TH
12th Oct W4G/NG-074 Photos WG4I
12th Oct W4G/NG-074 Guide WG4I
12th Oct W7I/BL-147 No Access? KB1KXL
11th Oct W3/PW-036 K3JZD Activation Notes K3JZD
11th Oct W1/HA-174 Access W1DMH
11th Oct W1/HA-136 Access W1DMH
11th Oct W1/HA-140 Access W1DMH
11th Oct W1/HA-218 Access W1DMH
11th Oct W1/HA-062 Access W1DMH
11th Oct EA2/NV-047 Mt. Okoro EA2/NV-047 EA2BD
11th Oct EA2/ZG-001 Moncayo EA2/ZG-001 & Peña Negrilla EA1/SO-003 EA2BD
11th Oct EA2/NV-095 Mt. Esparaz with driving directions EA2BD
11th Oct W1/HA-207 Access W1DMH
11th Oct GW/SW-003 Fan Brycheiniog M1CJE
11th Oct G/SE-001 Walbury Hill M1CJE
11th Oct GW/SW-005 Fan Fawr M1CJE
11th Oct GW/SW-002 Waun Fach M1CJE
11th Oct GW/SW-001 Pen y Fan and Corn Du M1CJE
10th Oct VE6/RA-027 Updated access information and gps track VE6IXD
10th Oct W1/HA-180 Access W1DMH
9th Oct W7I/CI-086 10/9 Activation KB1KXL
9th Oct W7I/CI-094 10/9 Activation - Cold for a Californian KB1KXL
9th Oct W7I/BL-134 10/8 Activation KB1KXL