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Date Summit Description Submitted By
25th Sep DL/AL-276 Activation on Saturday 23rd. September 2017 by DD5LP/P. DD5LP
25th Sep W5T/NT-037 Trail info W6BJB
24th Sep W5O/KI-004 Road Condition Update AC7P
24th Sep W4C/WM-013 Access Problems WC9G
24th Sep W4V/LX-028 Pairs well with W4V/LX-016 N3II
24th Sep W4V/LX-016 Pairs well with W4V/LX-028 N3II
24th Sep W0C/FR-001 First Activation K9ECO
24th Sep JA/YN-094 Yamareco JG2RZF
23rd Sep W7A/NM-038 Steep to the top, right off road. AC0PR
23rd Sep W6/SS-276 Im out of shape NC6B
23rd Sep OE/OO-031 Track OE5PGM
23rd Sep OE/OO-031 Activation 2017-09-22 by OE5JFE+OE5PGM OE5PGM
23rd Sep W2/GC-011 Spotty Verizon 3G/4G coverage at summit and Road to quarry trailhead isn't in great shape N1EU
23rd Sep W3/PW-008 Access W1DMH
23rd Sep W5O/OU-013 Overgrown Trail AC7P
23rd Sep W3/PW-056 K3JZD Activation Notes K3JZD
23rd Sep W3/PW-058 K3JZD Activation Notes K3JZD
22nd Sep W5N/PW-008 Activation zone no longer includes Deception Peak NM5S
22nd Sep W3/PW-033 Access NK8Q
22nd Sep W4C/CM-187 No Access via Jacktown, Owl Hollow Rd, Kid's Way K2JB
22nd Sep W4C/CM-174 Still No Access in 2017 via Grants Mtn Rd. K2JB
22nd Sep W4C/EM-096 No Access via High Peak Mtn Rd. K2JB
22nd Sep W4C/EM-101 Summit Access? K2JB
21st Sep W6/ND-392 Snowy activation AA0BV
21st Sep W0C/SP-085 K0NR Trip Report- North Kaufman Ridge (W0C/SP-085) K0NR
21st Sep W7M/HB-108 Very short hike AE7AP
21st Sep W7M/HB-108 Click "Display" to view track AE7AP
21st Sep W7M/BR-117 Click "Display" to view track AE7AP
21st Sep W7M/BR-127 4wd + Short Hike AE7AP
20th Sep W6/CC-052 The long awaited summit! VHF/UHF activation in the fog. KE6MT
20th Sep W7M/BR-117 4wd + Short Hike AE7AP
20th Sep ZL1/WL-059 Mt McKerrow ZL2ATH
20th Sep ZL1/WL-033 Mt Climie ZL2ATH
19th Sep W6/CC-051 North Peak, then Mount Diablo KE6MT
19th Sep W6/CC-045 North Peak, then Mount Diablo KE6MT
19th Sep W6/CC-052 Mount Umunhum - 2nd trip with one activation! AA0BV
19th Sep W6/SS-298 activation 15 Sept 2017 N6JZT
19th Sep W6/SS-336 activation 16 Sept 2017 N6JZT
19th Sep W6/SS-324 activation 16 Sept 2017 N6JZT
19th Sep OE/WI-001 Easily accessible by public transport from Vienna AI4SV
19th Sep EA1/SG-003 The short trail or the long one? AI4SV
19th Sep EA4/MD-053 Bring a pole AI4SV
19th Sep EA4/MD-052 Nice walk to observation platform AI4SV
19th Sep W7O/WV-096 Sylvania - the Urban Experience K7EEX
18th Sep W6/CC-046 9/17 Activation KB1KXL
18th Sep W6/NC-376 9/16 Activation KB1KXL
18th Sep W6/NC-356 9/16 Activation. No trespassing required KB1KXL
18th Sep W1/DI-005 Northwest Trail to Pemetic Summit AC1Z
18th Sep W4T/SU-017 Devils Tater Patch Track KB9ILT