Association: VK4 - Australia - Queensland

Association Manager: Dave, VK4DD
The Association commenced on 1st September 2013 and currently has 14 Regions (listed below) and 1385 qualifying summits.

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Code Region Manager Summits
SW Wide Bay & Burnett Dave, VK4DD 106
SE Southeast Coast Dave, VK4DD 117
SD Darling Downs and Granite Belt Dave, VK4DD 26
CA Capricornia Dave, VK4DD 152
WN North West Dave, VK4DD 6
WM Maranoa and Warrego Dave, VK4DD 7
WC Central West Dave, VK4DD 4
NT North Tropical Coast & Tablelands Dave, VK4DD 247
NP Peninsular David, VK4MDX 104
NH Herbert & Lower Burdiken David, VK4MDX 160
NG Gulf Country David, VK4MDX 1
NF Northern Goldfields & Upper Flinders David, VK4MDX 41
CW Central Coast and Whitsundays Dave, VK4DD 260
CH Central Highlands & Coalfields Dave, VK4DD 154