Region: TW - Tees to the Wash

Region Manager: , G4OBK
The Region currently has 5 qualifying summits.

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From the Tees to the Wash is a SOTA Region of great scenic diversity with wild moorland, wooded valleys and lush farmland. The three highest summits are on the northern fringe of the North York Moors National Park with easy access for the activator. The remaining two summits are south across the Vale of Pickering, TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold is located at the highest point in the Yorkshire Wolds, TW-005 Normanby Top is located at the highest point of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Voted by some as the easiest of summits in the list, they do have the honour of being the most isolated in the English Association. TW-005 Normanby Top is located over 40 miles from TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold and some 60 miles from the next nearest neighbour. Route descriptions and maps for each of the summits in this SOTA Region are available at For details of accommodation, contact Welcome to Yorkshire on 0844 888 5123. For access and other information visit or telephone The Moors National Park Centre on 01439 772737. The Meteorological Office Weathercall service for this SOTA Region is on 09068 500 417.

Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations Last Activation Last Activator
G/TW-001 Urra Moor - Round Hill 454 1 103 9 Jul 2017 G4OOE/P
G/TW-002 Cringle Moor - Drake Howe 434 1 102 1 Sep 2017 G1ZJQ/P
G/TW-003 Gisborough Moor 328 1 86 27 Aug 2017 2E0HPI/P
G/TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold 248 1 191 20 May 2017 M1EYP/P
G/TW-005 Normanby Top 168 1 153 2 Jun 2017 G3TQQ/P