Article by KF7HPX on Sep 01 2014 at 00:09

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Another route description...still quick but no easier

Thanks to KE5AKL's notes, NG7A and I tried a similar approach. Started at Upper Green Mtn trailhead and followed the trail to the fork. Followed the fork right, uphill, to a switchback in the trail. At that point we went off-trail and just followed the compass South straight up the mountain to the summit. The climb was quite steep and gravelly in spots, with some scrambling required. It only took about 35 minutes to summit, but the descent took an hour (often skidding on the caboose). Recommend remembering to bring hiking pole. Conveniently adjacent to the summit coordinates is a man-made fire pit. Forest ranger said that, although off-trail hiking is discouraged, overnight camping is allowed up there. Though KE5AKL's route might be a little more straightforward, we are glad we tried this; it was well worth it. And the views are stupendous.