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2012-10-07 activation recap and directions

~9 miles round trip, 3,650\' elevation gain. To get here, drive to the parking space on the side of the road just before Buckhorn Campgrounds (if driving west to east). Go up the trail as if you\'re going to Waterman Mountain, but half way up, you\'ll see a sign where the trail splits and you head off to Twin Peaks. This will take you down to a saddle and then you have to go back up to get to Twin Peaks. The last mile of Twin Peaks is quite steep and has some loose rock to negotiate. While I was doing this hike, I saw the first bighorn sheep I\'ve ever encountered. There were 4-5 of them halfway up the south side of Waterman and I saw them as I was going down towards the saddle. There may or may not be water on the trail- I wouldn\'t count on it. For an antenna, I strung up a 20m dipole slightly down the east slope of the peak using a 33\' jackite to support one end and a tree branch to support the other.