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Cuyamaca Peak driving direction and hike

Cuyamaca Peak This may not be the shortest route to the summit, but you don’t have to pay Cuyamaca State Park fee ($8)for this route. To get to the starting point, take Hwy 78 from Ramona to Julian. At Julian Hwy 78 makes right turn and shortly after this you have to take Hwy 79 on the right. Drive to Cuyamaca Lake on Hwy 79 and park on the left side of the highway at Trout Pond (just South of Cuyamaca Lake). Parking is free here from 6am to 8 pm. Cross highway 79 and start your hike on Milk Ranch Road. After 1.4 miles your will reach Alazea Springs trail on the left and Black Oak trail on the right. Take Alazea trail and after about 5 minutes you will see sign for Conejos trail on the right. Go up on Conejos trail for about 45 minutes until you will reach Fire Lookout paved road. Go up on this road to Cuyamaca Peak. There are a lot of trees for antenna support on the summit. The total one way distance is approximately 3.5 miles, but it is easy hike. In the summer time it will be better to hike early in the morning to avoid summer heat.