Article by WB5TLA on Nov 20 2011 at 07:11

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W5 SI-022 Trip report 19 November 2011

Our La Nina winter has given the southwest excellent SOTA WX. WB5QYT Tom and WB5TLA Scott took the short hike up to hill 6860. It took about 90 minutes and the trail was fairly clear. This area is actually Parkland called Open Space. It is the interface between the City and the Manzano and Sandia Wilderness. The hill itself is really just a huge granite boulder covered with scree and brush. However it sticks up enough to give a Radio Field of fire over 300 degrees and then only partially blocking the path to the north. We ran a pair of FT-817s and Crappie Pole antennas. Tom was on 14.061 CW running an endfed long wire. I was running a 10 meter 5/8 vertical with 4 radials, in total we worked approximate 60 stations total between up split evenly between 20 and 10 meters. We also worked the usual suspects on 2 meters 146.58 FM. I would strongly recommend this as a great first time activation. 72 de WB5TLA Sends