Article by KT5X on Apr 04 2011 at 23:04

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Ortiz Mtn, formerly Pankey Peak

You pass Marty Sanchez Golf Course, then turn west on Rd # 62. It soon becomes dirt, if dry, fine for any SUV. I located the Mtn with a GPS and the SOTA coordinates. Couldn\'t get very close. Just set out toward it, and up. Ground is very rough volcanic rocks. Took me thirty minutes to bushwack from the forest access road to the peak. On top I found a benchmark labeled Pankey Peak, 1945, and a sign in bottle. There were only three signatures in the past twelve months. The view is fabulous, could see up to Wheeler Peak north of Taos, very snow covered at this time. Put antenna on top this time, but should have deployed down the slope a little. The mountain serves as a reflector. Good luck.