Article by N4SFR on Oct 12 2014 at 12:10

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Getting to and from Hill 1510 from Porter's Gap

Expect the operation to last at least half a day if you are in moderate shape. Use the Pinhoti Trail Porter’s Gap trailhead for parking. From Talladega, Alabama take AL Highway 77 south for 6.2 miles. There is a US Forest Service sign on the left (north) side of the road marking the Porter’s Gap trailhead. (GPS: 33.3336483 -86.0268484). The approach hike is two miles in with the last quarter mile direct to the hilltop in steep and difficult terrain. Bring hiking poles, protection against thorns (gloves), and rough terrain footwear. Good map reading skills or a trail GPS are also essential. Once on top, there are good antenna supports for HF antennas and flat rocks for resting. Footing is difficult on the way down. Start well rested and take your time. –N4SFR and AE4BL.