Article by N7UN on Nov 22 2011 at 01:11

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Trip Report for North Knob (aka Elk Mtn Ski Area) on 20Nov11

Trip Report for North Knob (aka Elk Mtn Ski Area) on 20Nov2011 By Guy/N7UN Overview: North Knob is located at the Elk Mtn Ski Area north of Scranton, PA in the “Endless Mountains” of NE Pennsylvania. It is a community hiker-friendly area even though it is private property. The summit is defined by the 6 or so communication towers and is located just above the Ski Patrol hut and just above the East Chair double ski lifts. See for more detailed information and driving directions. The mountain is 2,688 ft in elevation with about 1,000 ft of elevation gain from the parking lot. There were many people day hiking with families and dogs to the summit. I did not explore the north part of the mountain but there is an access road that day hikers and runners use for an outing. I saw no signs restricting access to the area by hikers. Skiers obviously must have a lift ticket. I do not know if access by hiking/snowshoes is permitted during the winter ski season. I would check with Elk Mtn Ski Area for access questions for hikers during the ski season. In short, this area is an ideal SOTA Activation summit because of its ease of access. Getting There: See for driving directions. I used their address: 344 Elk Mtn Rd, Union Dale, PA for my vehicle GPS navigator without any problems. Access: I parked outside of the primary gate, heeding their sign about the “Gate may close”. During the non-ski season there is ample parking below the East Chair double ski lifts. The Climb/Hike: There was no snow yet when I climbed the peak. I hiked up the Wissahickon Run (#18 on the trail map) in order to be in the sun for warmth. It was strenuous in places but a “cat track” on the right provided a good hiking path. You may choose a different path depending on temperature. Summit/Activation Locations: There is a very good location with an east-facing location just above the Ski Patrol hut. Although you will be the topic of many visitors and their questions, etc. in this location. Further to the west is the “flat” part of the summit with many locations for SOTA setup among the several communication towers. Red Tape: No permits are required for parking or access. You will need to abide by the Elk Mtn Ski Area rules and regulations as stated by sign at the primary gate for the ski area. There may be access restrictions when Elk Mtn is open during the ski season. Call for hiking/snowshoe restrictions during this time. I had a pulse noise of ½-second occurring about every 5 secs on 20m. This pulse noise would impair your operation on this band. 40m and 15m were interference free during my operation. Pictures: See several photos and a small video at my Picassa web albums for this Activation. See