Article by N1FJ on Aug 30 2014 at 10:08

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Elk Mountain/North Knob W3/PO-001 Activation

I started inside the gates on 29 August 2014 at 9 AM local and was on the summit in about an hour. (If you are better shape than I am, actual hiking time could be 45-50 minutes.) My iPhone GPS indicated a 910 feet ascent from where I started. It would not make much difference if you start from outside the gate. (Open from 9-3.) Distance over the ground was a little over a mile.There were a few workers stacking wood, grounds tending, sawing and hammering here and there around the whole ski area. I operated with inverted vee linked dipole from the very summit and had no trouble with noise on 15 and 20 meters CW and SSB. 40 meters had S4 noise but also worked well. I was totally alone on the summit. I hiked right up in the areas of runs 6,7, and 8, zig-zagging some where it was really steep. Hiking poles (I didn't forget them for once) helped a lot, especially on the descent. Verizon cell service was excellent so I could spot myself when I went to SSB for 6 QSOs on 20 meters. (!) They are totally open to hikers in the off-season. Ski slopes are well-mowed. Not mowed on the summit, but there are clearings and paths. Otherwise 3 foot weeds. Runs are STEEP. I guess you could walk up the access road that vehicles use but it would be a lot longer... de N1FJ (NE1SJ)