Article by W7IMC on Jul 25 2012 at 23:07

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Better than the hotel gym!

Activated W0/FR-107 Green Mountain west of Denver today on a business trip. The day started early with a 2 hr flight from Spokane. Drove directly from DIA to the Florida Street trailhead. Straight forward walk to the rock cairn in 1.53 miles with a few mtn bikers and day hikers on the well maintained trail. WX was iffy with distant thunder to the south so elected to try 2m first with my tape measure yagi beam. KD0BIK immediatley answered my call on 146.52 and alerted the local club to my presence on simplex. Partly clearing clouds allowed for a quick CQ on 20m using an end fed wire (which was not very vertical). 5 contacts on 2m simplex and 5 HF contacts on 20m with log book getting wet from the drizzle. About 3.2 miles round trip and 700 vertical ft for my first Colorado SOTA activation. Thx to KD0BIK for the recommendation on a SOTA peak close to Denver and the spot on 20m. The 3m ebay fishing pole worked ok, but is 1/2 the height of my Jackite. Will have to work on some pole extensions which can fit in a suitcase. 73\'s Scott W7IMC