Article by VK3ZPF on Mar 25 2013 at 12:03

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Access to Briarty Hill

Briarty Hill is within the Warramate Hills Flora and Fauna Reserve. Access is via the entry gate at the north end of Yarrloch Way, GPS -37.7432, 145.4913. From here follow the dirt road north until about 100 m after it turns right and heads down toward the creek, GPS -37.7375, 145.4938. If the ground is dry, leave the track here and walk about 300 metres to GPS -37.7349, 145.4942. You cross two depressions, creeks when it rains, then the field levels out a bit. From here turn left and head up the goat track diving two groups of trees. I call it a goat track because it is steep, poorly defined and I saw a goat on it. The track was easy to follow but would be very slippery if the ground was wet. The track rises 190 vertical metres over a distance of about 850 metres. At the top of the goat track you turn left onto the dirt road and continue up the main road through an open gate. After 2 km on the dirt road the road splits. Go left for Briarty Hill, veer right for Steel Hill. Follow the road left to the summit where there is a tower and numerous buildings. An alternative, longer, access routes is described at this site.