Article by G4ERP on Jun 03 2008 at 12:06

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Waun Rydd

1177ft of ascent in 2.81 miles. This is a longish walk which in places is quite wet where the peat is eroding. The majority of the route follows the edge of the escarpment which can be very windy. It is a very pleasant walk on a warm day as the majority of the climb is near the start and the breeze is then welcome. Park in the large car park at SO055175 and follow the Beacons Way up past the picturesque waterfalls and onto the top of Craig y Fan Ddu. Carry straight on at SO050191 and head for the col at SO057206. At this point I recommend ignoring the path to the right. You'll end up clambering up peat hags. Carry on for about 100m NNE then look for a faint path towards the summit. There's lots of space for antennas and it's unlikely you'll be disturbed as the summit isn't on a marked track. There's a small cairn at the summit - and I mean small! A nice mountain. 73, Richard