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Route from the North West

Firstly, in common with all the routes to the summit of this hill, this does not follow a Public Right of Way (PRoW) or cross Access Land (Countryside Rights of Way Act). If challenged by a landowner when you are off the PRoW you should leave immediately. If possible seek permission for access first. Having said all of that, I couldn\'t find anywhere to ask for access and when you leave the PRoW it is in rough grazing where you are unlikely to do any damage or cause upset to the landowner. Park at the rough space at SJ 1796 3014. Space for one car, reasonable ground clearance needed. Follow the obvious path (bridleway) that leads SE from here. Go virtually straight up hill (steep) through two fields (gates) to reach a track. Turn left along the less steep track through several gates until you are in the field at SJ 1882 2980. At this point you leave the PRoW and go South, steeply uphill, to pass through a wide gap in the next fence at approx SJ 1882 2959. Continue to the ridge line and cross at a gate into the next field at SJ 1876 2939. Turn right (West) to reach the summit via a wooden stile at SJ 1858 2940 and another immediately adjacent to the Trig Point. Plenty of fences to secure antenna supports. Route in the tracks section of Sota Mapping.