Article by G4ERP on Dec 18 2006 at 13:12

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GW/MW-010 Gwaunceste from the south.

If you have an aversion to barking dogs, here's an alternative to Richard's route from the north. It's only slightly longer but is less of a climb and is an easy and very pleasant walk. Park at SO166534. There is room for a couple of cars without impeding access to the hill. The road in from the west is shorter and easier than from the east but both approaches are narrow in places. Take the obvious track to the NNW and round the left of the first minor summit. At SO163546 the track forks to the left. At SO155553 turn right and head up to the ridge where there is a short path through the heather to the summit and trig point. Ignore the more direct track shown on the map. You'll end up heather-hopping. There's plenty of room at the summit for antennas of every sort. 73, Richard G4ERP